1. Try a new recipe Sometimes doing new things can excite you. If you never cook a serious meal or dessert you can do a easy recipe too. You don’t have to do it really perfect you can write the recipe in a beautiful notebook and after you can keep doing it until it’s good.

2. Plan your dream holiday Planning something you know you can’t do takes you one step closer to doing it. If this thing is a holiday it will be really fun and motivated.

3. Maditate If you’re feeling really tired, sad and negative it will helps you. You don’t have to listen some thing, just go to a quiet place, stay on a comfortable position and relax. Thing about your life and your dreams. Be positive and think about ‘what makes you happy?’and finally leave the negative energy.

4.Write a diary Writing about your observations, experiences or your day will develop you. After that you will never do your mistakes again.

5. Watch some movies all day Drinking some coffee, lie down on a couch and watching some movies! Oh that’s a dream. Click down to see some movies and series advices.forballet.blog/2020/01/31/10-movie-advice/

6. Do ‘sudoku’ It will be very useful if you gonna do some brain exercises in your free day. I really like sudoku! It’s a little bit hard but really fun.

7. Take a looooooong nap Taking nap helps to gather your energy back. If you gonna take a nap with your cat or dog (if you’ re a animal owner) it will be more relaxing with their voice.

8. Go and pet some street animals People usually not pet the street animals. Yes feeding animals is really good but they also need love and care. Just go outside and play with a dog or cat and pet them.

9. Wach outside from the window Watching outside is actually really fun listen music drink some coffee and watch what’s going on outside.

10. Be HAPPY Just be happy it’s your free day don’t be sad and ruin your day.